3 Things Parents Can Do to Care for Their Kid’s Teeth

Parents play a big role in their children’s oral health. If you’re a parent, you likely make many decisions on a regular basis that can impact the health of your child’s teeth. It is important to protect your child’s teeth from decay by keeping them clean and minimizing their exposure to sugar.

Your child’s dentist in North Little Rock, AR, can help you identify more things you can do to help your child develop healthy teeth and gums. Below are some suggestions for helping your child avoid cavities and keeping their teeth clean.

1. Brush your child’s teeth until they can do it themselves.

Many young children lack the coordination to brush their own teeth. Children don’t start developing the coordination to brush their teeth until they’re around 7 or 8. However, it’s a good idea to have your child brush their teeth for practice, even if you are also brushing them.

If you’re unsure if your child is old enough to brush their teeth, talk to the dentist.

2. Monitor your child’s sugar intake.

Sugar consumption can cause cavities. Kids love sugar, so they’re especially vulnerable to cavities. You can help protect your child’s teeth from this problem by keeping sugarless snacks in the house for your child to consume. Limit your child’s consumption of sugary drinks like sodas.

3. Bring your child for regular dental cleanings.

Your child should see the dentist regularly. The dentist will tell you how often to bring your child in for a dental cleaning in North Little Rock, AR. To learn more, call Mounts Dental Care today.

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