Your Child Hates Brushing? 4 Things That Can Help

Teeth brushing isn’t the most exciting activity, so some children don’t like to do it. For these kids, it’s important to ensure that they’re getting their teeth brushed properly and adequately. Your dentist in North Little Rock, AR, will have some tips for you in addition to the suggestions below.

Brush Together

Until they turn about 7 or 8 years old, many children are unable to brush their teeth adequately on their own. Brushing your child’s teeth for them can help make tooth brushing more entertaining for your child while also ensuring that your child gets their teeth brushed properly.

Show a Video

While you’re brushing your child’s teeth, show them a video on your phone to keep them entertained. You might show them the same video over and over or a different video each time. Have it ready to pull up as soon as you start brushing.

Sing a Song

Play a song that your child enjoys listening to while brushing their teeth. Ideally, the song will be about two minutes long because that’s how long your child needs their teeth to be brushed. When the song ends, the toothbrushing can end, too.

Get an App

There are several apps that are designed to make toothbrushing more fun and entertaining for your child. Explore apps online to find one that works for you and your child.

The next time you bring your child in for a dental cleaning in North Little Rock, AR, ask the dentist to give your child a tutorial on how to brush their teeth. Sometimes, just getting a refresher can help your child develop new enthusiasm for the task. Call Mounts Dental Care today to make an appointment.

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