Do You Need Braces?

Almost half of people need to get braces to help improve the functioning of their teeth and jaw, so if you’re concerned that you may need braces, there’s a good chance that you do. Your dentist in North Little Rock, AR, can help you determine if you could benefit from braces. It’s natural to have questions about braces and how they work, especially if you think that you may need some. Here’s what to know.

What Do Braces Do?

Braces are dental teeth that attach to the teeth and pull them into alignment. Braces are made up of metal brackets connected by wires. Tightening the wires pulls the teeth in whatever direction is needed to help correct tooth misalignment. Braces are necessary for people with poorly aligned or misaligned teeth and those with jaw misalignment problems.

Signs You Need Braces

If you need braces, you may notice one or more of the following problems:

  • Teeth don’t meet when your mouth is closed
  • Teeth meet in a way that is abnormal
  • Your teeth are crowded due to having extra teeth, or your teeth have gaps
  • You have an overbite or an underbite
  • Your jaw joint hurts easily or gets tired when chewing
  • You have a difficult time chewing
  • You frequently bite your tongue or the inside of your mouth
  • You hear a clicking noise in your head when you chew or move your mouth

You may have one or more of these problems at once if you need braces.

Think You Need Braces? Contact Your Dentist

At Mounts Dental Care, we can help you decide whether you need braces in North Little Rock, AR. Call today to make an appointment to discuss your needs and determine what works for you.


Benefits of Getting Braces Later in Life

If you missed out on getting braces as a youngster, you may think it’s too late at this stage in life. But, thanks to advanced technology and social acceptance, you can get adult braces in North Little Rock, AR. It’s not too late to correct your smile, and there are even more benefits of getting braces later in life.

More Mature and Responsible

Braces require care and certain practices on the part of the patient. As an adult, you’re more mature, responsible and able to follow treatment instructions and maintain proper oral hygiene. All this can lead to better treatment outcomes.

More Control

Adults have more control over what kinds of braces and what results they are looking for. Making an informed decision based on recommendations from your dentist in North Little Rock, AR, is a privilege that only adults have.

More Treatment Options

Advances in orthodontic technology have led to the development of more sophisticated, comfortable and discreet adult braces. Most of these new treatment options were likely not available when you were a teenager.

Better Oral Health Awareness

Some types of braces can hinder oral hygiene. While a teenager may struggle with ensuring that oral hygiene is properly addressed, as an adult, you’re more likely to understand the importance of removing all food debris after meals and snacks.

Better Diet

Teenagers aren’t known for having a wholesome diet, although some do, of course. As an adult considering adult braces, you’re likely sensitive to avoiding junk foods and eating a well-balanced diet for optimal health. In the long-run, this will help you to maintain the beautiful smile that adult braces can give you.

It’s not too late to get the smile you’ve dreamed of. Contact our office in Little Rock, AR, today to learn more adult braces and to book your appointment.


Are You A Good Candidate for Adult Braces?

Adults can be reluctant to get braces, even when they want to straighten their teeth. Some adults feel self-conscious about their teeth and don’t want to attract attention to their smile any more than necessary. Other people would like to straighten their teeth but don’t think they’re a good candidate because of their age.

The reality is that many adults can get braces. Your dentist in North Little Rock, AR can help you decide whether you’re a good candidate for braces. Your dentist at Mounts Dental Care can help you decide if you’re a good candidate for teeth brushing.

What Are Adult Braces?

Adult braces are braces that do all the same work as traditional braces by straightening teeth, but they do so as subtly as possible. Adult braces from Mounts Dental Care feature white, tooth-colored brackets and wires, so they stand out as little as possible from the teeth they’re supposed to be straightening.

When you see someone wearing adult braces, it can be hard to tell whether they have braces on their teeth at all. Adult braces are designed to do their job while drawing as little attention to themselves as possible.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Not every adult is a good candidate for adult braces. To find out whether your teeth can stand up to the challenge of having braces, speak to your dentist. Your dental professional will evaluate the health of your teeth and make recommendations based on the health of your teeth and gums, and whether your teeth can be corrected by braces.

Make An Appointment With Your Dentist

Want adult braces in North Little Rock, AR? Call your dental professional at Mounts Dental Care to find out whether you would be a good candidate.