Toothache or Stress?

Hi there, I’m Dr. Mounts. I wanted to share a little bit of information with you today because lately I’ve been having a lot of patients come in with a specific type of issue going on.

I know we’ve all been stressed a lot here lately, with different things going on between COVID and elections and things like that and stress can really have a impact on our bodies in lots of different ways.

Well, I’ve had a lot of a lot of patients lately that have come in and they have thought that they’ve been having a toothache and we test all the teeth in the area that they think it’s coming from and it turns out the teeth are just fine, but they’re definitely having pain in that area.

So, we start feeling around, poking around a little bit, and we start figuring out that the pain’s actually coming from muscles and that’s because folks are getting stressed and lots of times, our body deals with stress by clenching your teeth and when you clench your teeth enough, those muscles tend to get aggravated and they let you know about it and it can really feel like a toothache.

So, if you feel like you’ve been stressed lately and things just aren’t feeling right, you’ve been having a lot of headaches, or if you feel like you’re kind of having a toothache, potentially, it could be even coming just from the clenching and there are some things that we can do to help alleviate that.

So, you’ve been having problems like that, you’re looking for a dentist to go to, it’s something that we definitely can take care of for you and it’s something that we’re kind of focused on these days. So, you can give us a call, our number’s 501-753-0166. We’d be glad to get you in and take a look.

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