We’re Thankful

This past Sunday, our preacher had a great definition of thankfulness. And it’s being aware and appreciative of a benefit. And so, there are so many different things that we can be thankful for. But obviously, for me, the first thing that came to mind was teeth, right?

So, lots of times when people are coming in, I don’t want them to be aware of their teeth, ’cause I want ’em to just be working right and normal, and not be causing a problem. But, I hope that here at this Thanksgiving season, if you teeth are working properly and they’re not causing any problems, I hope that you’re aware of it.

I hope that you appreciate the benefit that your teeth give you, and I hope that you’re doin’ all the things necessary to take really good care of them and that you’re thankful for your teeth here, at our Thanksgiving season. In fact, there are lots of things here, at Mounts Dental Care that we’re thankful for.

At Mounts Dental Care we’re very thankful for all of our patients, and that you allow us to take care of your teeth all year long.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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