Extracting the BIG Myths About Dental Crowns

Do you struggle with self-confidence due to tooth damage, discoloration, or decay? Dental crowns in North Little Rock, AR may be life-changing. While dental crowns are a highly effective modern dental treatment, the treatment is associated with several untrue myths. Take a look at a few of the most common myths below.

Myth: Dental crowns are installed purely for cosmetic reasons.

Dental crowns are definitely used to change the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. However, crowns can also offer other value beyond cosmetic appearance alterations. For example, a cracked or damaged tooth can benefit from having a crown over it to prevent further breakage.

Myth: Dental crowns are short-lived treatments.

A well-cared-for dental crown can easily last for decades. The lifespan of the crown can vary depending on the type of material used to fabricate the crown, as well as how well the patient follows good oral health care routines. However, dental crowns are always considered a long-term treatment option to correct issues with a tooth.

Myth: Dental crowns can cause cavities.

Before a dental crown is placed, the underlying tooth material will be carefully cleaned and prepared. The crown protects that underlying material from exposure to bacteria that causes decay. Therefore, crowns do not contribute to decay in any way.

Myth: Dental crowns take several appointments to finish.

Several years ago, obtaining a dental crown would require several trips to the dentist’s office. Thanks to modern treatment technology, state-of-the-art dental practices now have the capacity to create crowns right in the office. Therefore, if you are working with a qualified dentist, you can easily obtain a crown in a single appointment.

Find Out If You’re a Candidate for Dental Crowns in North Little Rock

Are you considering talking to a North Little Rock dentist about dental crowns? If so, we would be happy to help at Mounts Dental Care. Reach out today to schedule an appointment to discuss your oral health concerns.



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