My Breath Smells Bad! What Can I Do?

Bad breath can be a sign that you need to brush your teeth, or it can be a sign of a bigger problem happening in your mouth. Knowing what causes bad breath and what you can do about it is important. As your dentist in North Little Rock, AR, the professionals at Mounts Dental Care can help you determine what’s causing your bad breath, and can help you get that problem under control. Here’s what you need to know.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath can be caused by several things. Often, bad breath is caused by bacteria and food particles in the mouth. When you brush your teeth, your bad breath will most likely go away. If your bad breath does not go away when you brush your teeth, then it could be caused by an infection and inflammation of the gums (periodontitis).

Bad breath can also be caused by food that has been absorbed into the blood stream. When you eat this food (garlic, for example), you may continue to smell this food on your breath for a long time after the food has been cleaned out of your mouth.

What can you do about bad breath?

The first thing to try if you have bad breath is to brush your teeth properly. Flossing helps as well. If brushing your teeth doesn’t fix the problem, call your dental provider at Mounts Dental Care. We can talk to you about your problem and may have you come in for a dental appointment.

How can you prevent bad breath?

One of the best ways to prevent bad breath is to get regular teeth cleaning in North Little Rock, AR. You should be getting your teeth professionally cleaned twice per year. If you haven’t seen the dentist in a while, it may be time for another appointment. Call your dentist today.

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