How Cigarettes Affect Your Mouth

Your dentist in Little Rock, AR has probably been telling you that smoking is bad for your mouth. But you probably aren’t aware of just how bad smoking is for your mouth and oral health.

How Cigarettes Affect Your Mouth

Here are the ways smoking could affect your mouth.

  • Smoking Hinders Your Body’s Healing Process

Smoking lowers your immune system. And since your mouth is full of bacteria, smoking gives all those bacteria a better chance of surviving and spreading. That means anytime you have an oral issue, it will take longer for it to heal, and you will have a higher chance of infection.

  • Smoking Increases Your Chances of Getting Oral Cancer

Smoking can lead to you getting oral cancer. This is because when you smoke, you are exposing the tissues in your mouth to high concentrations of dangerous carcinogens that lead to cancer—oral and otherwise.

  • Smoking Makes It Harder to Fight Off Gum Disease

Smoking not only makes it harder to fight off gum disease in Little Rock, AR, but it will actually cause gum disease. In fact, smoking is the leading cause of gum disease.

  • Smoking Can Lead to Tooth Loss

As we mentioned, smoking leads to gum disease, which is basically an infection of your gums caused by bacteria. And since smoking causes gum disease, that gum disease could lead to tooth loss, which happens faster when you expose your mouth to the carcinogens found in cigarettes. In fact, people who smoke generally lose 2-3 teeth for every ten years they continue smoking.

Do You Need a Dentist in Little Rock, AR?

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