Stains On Your Teeth? What You Can Do

Most people start off with white teeth, but unfortunately, stains happen over time. While it’s possible to correct this problem, it takes time and effort. Working with your dentist in North Little Rock, AR, can help. At Mounts Dental Care, we provide tooth whitening services to patients to help them regain their lovely white teeth. Here’s what you need to know about getting rid of stains on your tooth enamel.

Brush Twice Daily

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is critical for preventing your teeth from staining, and eliminating stains that currently exist. Ask your dentist to show you how to properly brush your teeth, just in case you’ve picked up some bad habits over time.

Don’t forget to floss as well. Floss at least once per day, using the technique recommended by your dentist. If you’re not sure if you floss correctly, ask your dentist to show you how the next time you’re in the office for a checkup.

See the Dentist Twice Annually

Many dentists recommend their patients return for twice annual checkups. Unless your dentist recommends an alternative timeline for you, see your dentist for an exam and cleaning twice per year.

Get Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure that can get your teeth whiter by several shades. Teeth whitening is also affordable compared to many other types of cosmetic dentistry, so if you’re looking for a fast and inexpensive way to make your teeth bright and beautiful, teeth whitening in North Little Rock, AR, is it!

Need More Information About Teeth Whitening? Talk to Your Dentist in Little Rock, AR

At Mounts Dental Care, we provide safe and effective dental care for patients. Do you want whiter teeth? Call today to make an appointment for dental whitening.

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