We’re Back

We are back now and just want to take a second to say hey and let everybody know that we’re back to work. There are going to be some changes obviously. Things are going to have to be a little bit different. So I just wanted to share a few things with you so that you know kind of what things look like when you’re coming back to see us.

Whether you’re getting your teeth cleaned or getting some fillings done or whatever. So the first thing is going to be that you’re going to get a couple of phone calls before you ever come in ’cause we’ve got to do some screening questions. Typically that’s Regina, she loves doing that. So please make sure you prolong that conversation as long as possible. She’s going to ask you lots of questions like have you been around anybody who’s had the virus? Do you have the virus? Do you know anybody’s grandchildren who have been friends with someone who had the virus? You know things like that. Have you ever sneezed, ever? Just things like that. We’ve just gotta know, but in all seriousness we’ve got to make sure that everybody’s healthy that’s coming in so that’s really important.

Another thing is, is that we’ve shut down our waiting room so we don’t have a waiting room any longer. So that’s going to be your car for just a little bit. So when you get here you have to call us, let us know you’re here. And then we’ll come to get you whenever we’re ready. We’ve had to adjust our scheduling a little bit so that we don’t have people standing around waiting. But that’s just something that we kind of have to do for now anyway. Let’s see, other things.

Oh well yes, Alex she gets to take your temperature whenever you come in. So we’ve got that going on. But the main thing that I wanted everybody to know is is that once you get through all that stuff, and once you get to the back, we’re still the same folks, and we’re still treating you the same way we’ve been doing for like 15 years now. We want to make sure that we’re taking care of our patients, we’re having to add some extra layers on top of that. But trust me when I tell you, all joking aside, your safety and our safety, it’s really important these days. So we’re taking it very seriously and we just want to make sure that we’re doing everything right. That we’re taking care of your teeth, but we’re taking care of you as well.

So anyway, if you’ve not been able to come in for quite awhile now because we’ve been shut down or whatever, it’s time to get back in. Give us a call. We’re trying to go back through all the folks that we missed during those couple of months and give people calls. But if we haven’t got a hold of you yet and you know you’re needing to get in, give us a call, let us know. We’ll get you in soon. And try to get back to some type of normalcy. Thanks a lot, and it’s good to see everybody again. We’re looking forward to kind of getting the show on the road.

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