Why Is Fluoride Important?

Fluoride is important for keeping your teeth healthy and strong. In fact, your dentist in North Little Rock, AR, may provide you with fluoride treatments when you come in for a cleaning. Many people have questions about fluoride, including what it is and why it’s effective. Below are just some of the common questions that people ask about fluoride.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs in nature and is found in rocks, soil, water, and even in the air. Fluoride is naturally found in our water supply, but usually not enough to make a measurable difference in your dental hygiene.

What does fluoride do to your teeth?

Fluoride prevents tooth decay in adults and children. It also helps you suffer less pain from tooth decay and helps you get fewer cavities. Fluoride sticks to the teeth and reinforces the tooth enamel to prevent cavities from forming. To a certain extent, fluoride can even help reverse damage from tooth decay.

How can I get fluoride?

In many communities, fluoride is added to the drinking water. Around 200 million people in the United States get fluoride through their community water system. However, not all communities add fluoride to their water.

Even if you don’t get fluoride through your tap water at home, you may still get fluoride through food and beverages that you consume that have been made with fluoridated water. Fluoride can also be found in some toothpaste and in other dental cleaning products.

If you live in a community where fluoride has not been added to your water, you may be able to get a prescription for fluoride from your doctor. If you have more questions about fluoride, speak with your dentist next time you come in for a tooth cleaning in North Little Rock, AR. Call Mounts Dental Care today to make your appointment.



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