I Think My Baby Is Teething. What Are the Signs?

Teething is an important time in your child’s development. When the first teeth appear, your child may experience symptoms that can disrupt their sleep, their mood and their behavior. Knowing what to expect when your baby is teething can help you help your baby feel more comfortable. Once your baby’s teeth have appeared, it’s time to see the dentist in North Little Rock, AR. Here’s what you need to know about teething.

When Does Teething Happen?

Teething can start as early as 4 months old, or as late as 1-year-old. Most babies start teething when they’re about 6 months old. Most babies get their first two teeth on the bottom in the front, and their second pair of teeth on the top in the front.

Signs of Teething in Babies

Teething can be uncomfortable for babies, so when it starts to happen, most babies will show signs of discomfort. When your baby starts teething, they may experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • 1 flushed cheek
  • Swollen red gums
  • Rubbing their ear
  • Mildly elevated temperature, not enough to be considered a fever
  • Excessive drooling
  • Rash on their chin due to drooling
  • Gnawing and chewing on toys, fingers, etc
  • Fretful
  • Difficulty sleeping

When To Take Your Baby to the Dentist

Once your baby’s first tooth appears, you can make an appointment with the dentist. If your baby’s first tooth hasn’t appeared by the time they’re one year old, make an appointment with the dentist anyway. When you bring your baby in for a teeth cleaning in North Little Rock, AR, the dentist will examine your baby’s gums and teeth, show you how to clean your baby’s teeth, and answer any questions you may have about your baby’s oral hygiene.

Want to know more about helping your baby maintain good oral hygiene? Call Mounts Dental Care to make an appointment or talk to one of our dental professionals.


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