Why Senior Dentistry Needs to Be Customized

There’s a lot to be said about how people approach getting older, and dentistry is no exception. In the past, it might have been normal to lose your teeth or have them pulled. However, it’s anything but a foregone conclusion today. Senior dentistry in Little Rock, AR can do wonders to help you keep your chompers far longer than you thought. We’ll tell you why customized plans can be the key to ensuring your mouth gets all the attention it needs.

Common Problems

The truth is that all people need customized treatment plans to ensure better oral health, but the consequences are more severe when it comes to senior dental care. Here are just a few concerns that you’ll need to address along the way:

  • Gums: As many as 7 in 10 adults have some type of gum disease, also known as the leading reason for tooth loss in older people.
  • Tooth loss: If you happen to have lost teeth, it’s not always because you neglected your oral hygiene.
  • Oral cancer: Your odds of developing oral cancer increase by the time you hit 40.
  • Dry mouth: This common condition can eventually cause more serious problems, like tooth loss.

Gum grafting, implants, bridges, regular screenings: these suggestions barely scratch the surface of what a dentist can offer you. Unless you’re working with someone who has the full suite of tools and techniques at the ready, you can easily end up compromising your care.

Dentists in Little Rock

If you have questions about how to fix any potential issues you might be facing, talking to a dentist in Little Rock, AR is the first step. If you’re looking for someone who specializes in custom treatment plans, Mounts Dental Care gets you started on the right foot.

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